Benefits of Bamboo Fibers

Did you know that there are more choices for your premium bedding than just cotton?  We are talking of a better and pocket-friendly choice. The comfort that you are going to get is better experienced than imagined.

Bamboo pillows and bedding are made from the fibers of the bamboo plant, which grows quickly and plentifully all over the world.  Bamboo wicks away moisture and has been proven to keep your body cooler than cotton, which is why many bedding and pillow companies are switching from cotton to bamboo.

Keep Your Cool

Much like cotton, bamboo pillows and bamboo sheets are breathable and help to keep you cool when the temperature soars.  This is beneficial at night, no matter what the temperature may be, because people just sleep better when they are cooler.  Some people may tend to “run hot” when it comes to a restful night, and bamboo memory foam pillows are perfect for those who need to be cooler in order to get a good night’s sleep.  The introduction of a thermodynamic technology makes it possible to regulate the temperature and keep you dry all through the night.

Environmentally Sustainable

Much like wool, silk, and cotton, bamboo is a plant fiber with a long fiber staple, which means it can be woven and sewn into a looser weave.  The loose weave makes this the ideal fiber for warm weather and bedding because it wicks away moisture, assists with air flow and air circulation, and helps your body cool down, even in the hottest of climates.  Bamboo helps you regulate your body temperature and keep you cool.  That’s why bamboo pillows and memory foam pillows made with bamboo casings are so popular for those who tend to have trouble keeping cool at night. The models are referred to as magic options because of the experience that you will get while you wrap yourself in the sheet and place your head on the pillows.

Comfortable sleep

Some people have tried more traditional latex pillows but have reported that bamboo memory foam pillows are like a miracle for those who suffer from head and neck pain.  Memory foam helps retain its shape while conforming to your contours to keep you cool, comfortable, and give you the best night’s sleep of your life!  Some people have even described our pillows as miracle pillows.  You may even need a king-sized memory foam bamboo pillow to match your taste and style.

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